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This is Travelog.

A powerful app to ease the lives of travellers worldwide

Travelog delivers must-have travel info in just a second. No more scouring the web, this data should be easy to find. Now, it is.

Keep track of your flights

Record your flights on the go and keep track of them right on the menu screen. Travelog displays fun, shareable, tidbits like the number of miles you've flied, hours spent on airplanes, times crossed the Earth, etc. More importantly, you can export your flights to spreadsheet format for taxation purposes.

Find people who will be in your city

Flying to San Francisco? Want to know who else will be there during your stay? Travelog analyzes the location of your connections based on their flights, and let's you view the data in three easy steps:
1. Connect with people via Travelog's social platform
2. Record your flights on the go
3. Check out who'll be in your city and start messaging them in-app